Transforming Training and Education to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners

Dr. Atsusi Hirumi
Associate Professor Instructional
Technology program at the University of Central Florida

e-Learning may be used as a tool for transforming industrial age models of training and education, that are still prevalent across the U.S. and around the world, to information age models that better meet the needs of 21st learners. Educators and educational administrators striving to make such transformations, however, face three fundamental challenges. They must: (a) provide the technology necessary for learners to readily access training and educational materials from anywhere at anytime; (b) restructure training and educational systems so that learners may choose when to initiate and complete educational programs, and (c) offer high quality training and educational programs based on sound pedagogical principles and practices that utilize the capability of emerging technologies to facilitate individual and group learning.
Continuing advances in telecommunication technologies (such as, but not limited to mobile devices, virtual worlds, and the Internet) provide learners with virtually limitless access to information and multimedia resources. For this keynote presentation, Dr. Hirumi will (a) create a vision of a restructured educational system that allows learners to initiate and complete educational programs based on their own needs and interests, and (b) identify and discuss pedagogical principles for designing high quality e-learning and hybrid educational programs. Emphasis will be placed on the application of instructional strategies that are grounded in research and theory as well as use of interactive
entertainment to engage 21st century learners.

Key Words
e-learning-e-learner- high quality e-learning-hybrid education

متن کامل

Enhancing Self-empowerment Through E-Learning

Sayyedmohsen Fatemi

Lecturer in Education, Psychology and Communication
Faculty of Education,Department of Educational Studies
The University of British Columbia

This keynote presentation examines the role of discourse in E-learning and presents strategies that can help the online learners discover their own voices. Drawing on the latest research on areas of education, communication and psychology and their implications for on-line teaching, the presentation discusses how on-line classrooms can facilitate the process of self-discovery and self-empowerment through creating a proactive mode of expressiveness that would allow learners linger in the moments of innovation, understanding and creativity.  On the strength of a recondite discussion on the role of language in an online environment, the talk explores how the choice of words would open up the possibility for learners’ experience of mindful learning.
E-learning, self-empowerment

متن کامل

Teaching English: Virtual Synchronous Learning versus Traditional Classes

Shahin Vaezi

English Department, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Technology has changed our understanding of what it means to teach and learn a language, and teaching roles, in response to these changes, are being altered and transformed. Such changes require distance language teachers to not only develop new teaching practices in new mediums but to undergo a shift in their identity as language teachers and their understanding of language teaching and learning activities. Parallel changes are required of learners. In an attempt to investigate into the compare and contrast "virtual" general English classes with “traditional” English classrooms, a questionnaire was administered to 110 students. The difference between the traditional setting and the virtual setting point to the following factors: Most students were concerned about not having face- to-face contact with classmates and the tutor. They also did not enjoy the fact that it was hard for them not to be noticed immediately when they had a question. The main finding though was that we are in an era that is a sign of transition from the "traditional" educational setting to a "virtual" one, which means that we are entering the normalization stage in Iran.
English, online, virtual, synchronous, traditional

متن کامل

كاربرد یادگیری الكترونیكی در تدوین برنامه ی درسی

دكتر علیرضا عصاره 1، نسیم حزین 2
دانشگاه شهید رجایی

چكیده :
برنامه های درسی از جمله عوامل اساسی تعیین كننده میزان موفقیت یا شكست مؤسسات آموزشی می باشند . با توجه به نوآوریها و تغییرات عظیمی كه در حوزه های آموزشی در حال وقوع است، ایجاد تغییر در ساختار و فرآیند تدوین برنامه های درسی ضرورتی اجتناب ناپذیر محسوب می شود.رویكرد جدید یادگیری الكترونیكی، انقلابی شگرف در عرصه ی یادگیری ایجاد كرده است.این انقلاب دیجیتالی در حوزه ی آموزش جهت تحقق اهداف عالیه نیازمند طراحی و تدوین برنامه های درسی متناسب با شیوه های تدریس و یادگیری الكترونیكی می باشد. لیاو( 2003 ) به منظور طراحی برنامه های درسی در محیطهای یادگیری الكترونیكی مؤثر سه عامل را پیشنهاد می كند : ویژگیهای یادگیرندگان، ساختار آموزش و تعامل. در هزاره ی جدید روشهای سنتی آموزش دیگر پاسخگوی تقاضاهای روزافزون برای آموزش نیست . به اعتقاد ولر ( 2002 ) تدوین محتواهای یادگیری غنی و ایجاد فرصتهای مناسب نیازمند داشتن دركی صحیح از فضاهای مجازی و الكترونیكی و قابلیتهای آنهاست؛علاوه بر اینها مهارت لازم در تلفیق این قابلیتها با عناصر برنامه درسی بسیار مؤثر می‌باشد. یادگیری الكترونیكی و ادغام آن در برنامه های درسی فرصتهای بی شماری را برای فرآیند یادگیری فراهم می كند. مؤسسات آموزشی و برنامه ریزان درسی جهت تحقق اهداف و همگام شدن با تحولات الكترونیكی برنامه های درسی، نیازمند آغاز حركتی جدید، منعطف و مداوم می‌باشند.هدف پژوهش حاضر یافتن شیوه های مناسب بكارگیری یادگیری الكترونیكی در برنامه های درسی به گونه ای كه در جهان در حال گسترش است، می باشد.

واژگان كلیدی:
یادگیری الكترونیكی - برنامه درسی - طراحی برنامه درسی

متن کامل

Experiences of Taiwan National E-Learning Program 2003-2009

Experiences of Taiwan National E-Learning Program 2003-2009
Gwo-Dong Chen

Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Central University
Director, National Science & Technology Program for E-Learning
No. 300, Jung-da Rd., Jungli City, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taiwan government started a national e-learning program and allocated 25 million $US each year from 2002 to 2007. The program includes Ministry of Economic Affair, National Science Council, Council of Labor Affair, Ministry of Education, Council of Culture Affair, and Ministry of Defense.
From 2008, we launched another 5 year program. In this talk, I will describe the methodology and strategies of how we execute this program. Then, I will explain the structure and the content of the program. Experiences and results of the program will be presented.
Taiwan, e-learning, government development program

متن کامل

Networked Learning: An Emerging Paradigm for Higher Education in the 21st Century

Berner Lindström

Professor, Co-director, The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS)
Department of Education, University of Gothenburg
Box 300,SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

This presentation will address contemporary changes of higher education (HE) in the perspective of changes of society on a global level more generally, and Swedish conditions more specifically. The notion of networked learning is used as an integrating concept for this change.
The first part will describe the state-of-the-art of higher education, how HE is challenged and changed both in terms of expansion, organization and pedagogy. Distance education, virtual institutions and more generally networked learning in various forms are discussed as one of the answers to those challenges. In this development the changing demands on HE to support the development of a broad range of competencies in students highlighted, in the perspective on life-long learning.
In the second part networked learning is presented implying both a change of the organization of learning, the infrastructures and resources adopted and the models of learning and instruction employed. It is argued that we need to design, build and maintain learning environments and learning practices that have a stable institutional foundation, as well as being open to continuous changes.
In the third part the transition of pedagogical models during the last decades is described. From more traditional models of education and instruction emphasizing knowledge transfer and acquisition to models putting the learners participation in learning practices at the heart of education. How these ideas are built into practical pedagogical models for networked learning is discussed, where we argue for an approach that encompass both acquisition and participation.
The third part is addressing questions of how information and communication technology plays a crucial part for this development both on an infrastructural level and on the level of specific tools and resources. This includes questions of the adoption of information- and communication technology in HE, schools and society more generally.
The last part provides examples of networked learning from the Northern European context that are prototypical of this change. The foundation of for this is developmental work and research done over the last ten years in Sweden. As a background for this a short overview of HE in Sweden and what characterized Sweden as a knowledge and information society is presented.
Networked learning, higher education,

متن کامل

Adoption of E-Learning in Higher Education Institution: Its Rapid Evolution, Cost-Effectiveness and

Adoption of E-Learning in Higher Education Institution: Its Rapid Evolution, Cost-Effectiveness and Way Forward for Developing Countries

Aida Suraya Md.Yunus

Faculty of Educational Studies/Centre for Academic Development (CADe)
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.,

This paper discusses the factors that need to be considered in adopting e-Learning in higher education institutions, especially in developing countries such as Malaysia and Iran.  The rapid evolution of e-learning, considerations in its adoption that include discussion on cost efficiency and cost effectiveness, the initiatives undertaken by Universiti Putra Malaysia and the challenges faced in the enculturation of e-Learning through the introduction of a single learning management system for the whole campus are discussed.  The way forward in adoption of e-Learning in developing countries concluded the discussion.
E-Learning, cost-effectiveness, cost-efficiency, learning management system (LMS), LMS functionalities, critical success factors

متن کامل

Variables Influencing the Cost of Learning Content Development and Delivery

Parviz Doulai

Faculty of Informatics
University of Wollongong
Wollongong, Australia

A dominant factor in cost analyses of e-Learning programs at tertiary education institutions is the measurement of direct and indirect costs associated with development and delivery of digital learning content. The inclusion of new and emerging concepts and technologies including learning objects (LOs) and learning content management systems (LCMSs) into e-Learning programs has opened up new opportunities and increased the complexity of the identification and classification of variables that influence the overall costs of learning content. This paper attempts to briefly introduce factors that affect the cost of learning content development and delivery at higher education institutions. Identification and prioritization of these variables is the first step towards the development of a working model that could result in minimized costs for design, development, publication and evaluation of learning content. To illustrate the significance of these variables in cost analysis of learning content three processes are introduced and positions of identified variables in relevant processes are shown. A simple cost effective development and delivery model for learning content that is resulted from variable identification and classification task is illustrated.
Learning Object, digital learning content, design, development and publication of learning content,  cost effective model

متن کامل

پورتال یادگیری معنایی جایگزینی برای سیستم مدیریت یادگیری

فاطمه عروجی 1، فتانه تقی یاره 2
دانشگاه تهران، دانشكده مهندسی برق و كامپیوتر 1و 2

شاید بازار رو به رشد خدمات یادگیری الكترونیكی موجب رونق روزافزون سیستمهای مدیریت یادگیری (LMS) شده باشد اما همین امر تقاضا برای معماریهای توانمندتر را هم به ارمغان آورده است. در این راستا معماریهای متنوعی تاكنون پیشنهاد شده است كه به دو روش كلی سعی در پاسخگویی به این نیازها را داشته اند:  برخی با افزودن بخشهای جدید به یك LMS موجود آنرا توسعه داده اند و برخی دیگر با معرفی معماری های جایگزین LMS های مرسوم را كنار نهاده اند. هرچند با ظهور وب 2 و وب معنایی تحولات چشمگیری در این حوزه اتفاق افتاده است و معماریهای سرویسگرای معنایی از توانمندیهای خوبی برخوردار شده اند، اما برای ارتقای سیستمهای یادگیری فعلی نیازمند راه حلهای بینابینی هستیم تا بتوانیم ضمن استفاده از قابلیتهای ارزشمند موجود راه را برای یكپارچه شدن محیطهای یادگیری باز نماییم. در این مقاله معماری جدیدی معرفی می گردد كه به یک LMS این امكان را می دهد تا با فراهم آوردن واسطهای مفهومی بتواند محتواهای دلخواه خود را به این دنیای گسترده معرفی نموده و بدین وسیله خود را با پورتالهای یادگیری مفهومی همنوا كند.  با این كار هم سیستمهای موجود حفظ می شوند و هم راه برای رقابت میان آنها باز می گردد. علاوه بر این پورتالهای مفهومی جدید می توانند از منابع غنی یادگیری داخل LMSها به خوبی استفاده كنند.

واژه های كلیدی
،(Semantic Web) معماری سرویس گرا، سرویس معنایی ،(Learning portal) پورتال یادگیری ،(LMS) سیستم مدیریت یادگیری
(Personalization) شخصی سازی ،(Adaptation) تطابق

متن کامل

A Hybrid Content Recommender Systems Based On Q-Learning to Recognized Learners Preferences

Ahmad A. Kardan1, Omid R. B Speily2

1 Assistance Professor of Department of computer Engineering and information technology,
AmirKabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Advanced E Learning Technologies Lab,
AmirKabir University of Technology

Recommender systems play an important role in learning process by predicting user preferences. Learning process needs dynamic interactions between the learner and the learning system to recognize learner abilities, behaviors or other learner characteristics. Recommender systems have become increasingly popular in entertainment and e-commerce domains, but they have little success in the e-learning domains. Recommender systems learn about user preference over time, automatically finding things of similar interest. It reduces the burden of creating explicit queries during the learning process. Recommender systems use some techniques to recognize learners' preferences, such as filtering, machine learning techniques or hybrid techniques. In e-learning, some of these techniques can cause some problems or may be impossible to implement. This paper investigates a technique for recommender systems suitable for the learning environments to recognizing learners' preferences in the learning process. This technique predicts user preferences in order to identify a useful set of items and to be recommended in response to the learners specific information need. We propose a hybrid technique based on machine learning to recognize learner preferences and predict theirs required contents with high accuracy.
Machine learning, recommender systems, reinforcement learning, learner model, Q-learning.

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 Har tapt for Portugal pa hjemmebane, spilt uavgjort mot Albania og slatt Armenia og Serbia 3-1 mot dagens motstander i bortekampen i november, snudde fra. spilleautomat Break da Bank Again slottsparken Har du kjopt et stilig gladiator kostyme sa passer jo selvfolgelig ikke joggeskoene dine til Her har du gladiator sandaler Disse tvinner du oppover beina og. spilleautomat Stone Age Gjor ditt innskudd idag og du vil motta Starburst NorskeSpill gir deg adgang til alle typer spill, bade pa datamaskinen og din smartphone. 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 Les mer om Liverpool i var reiseguide til England Her finner du gode priser pa reiser til Storbritannia Bestill hos Travellink reiser. vinn penger pa roulette beste online casinos deutschland Vinn en Million for a spille online Spillbeskrivelse Vinn en Million online Hvordan spille spillet online Et annet spill i serien O Lucky Man. bingo magix login Kundene vare sier Trygg handel pa Internett Kontakt E-post: kundeservicebrno Tlf: 800 51 089 Om BR-Leker Om BR-Leker BR-Leker og brekraft. 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 ComeOn - ComeOn Casino er en nytenkende online spillside som tilbyr mest spill NorgesAutomaten - Casino med de beste spilleautomatene & klassiske. bet365 casino mobile billig godteri online Trykk deg inn pa denne nettsiden for a finne ut om simsalabim kasino pa black jack. spille kabal pa mac Har du gatt glipp av Poirot: Mot alle odds? 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Recent Posts Silent Run quiet and shhhh The great winning prize in hidden in this game Today's Weather spilleautomat anmeldelse Make the owls hoot. roulette online chat spilleautomater leasing casino jackpot

 Kjope Billige Hav Bla Hler fra Veaulcom, gir vi hundrevis av sko pa nett i forskjellige typer, hoy kvalitet med rimelig pris, finn din favoritt og kle opp livet ditt. spilleautomater pa dfds vinne penger pa unibet Da har du kommet til riktig sted Her finner du detaljerte forklaringer. norsk tipping automater Med NordicBet mobil har du tilgang til alle markeder og odds, samt Livebet og mye mer rett fra din mobiltelefon Og vi garanterer sikre innskudd 17:00 Norsk. 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 Vi har lang erfaring innen pengespill pa internett Griseflaks gir deg geniune tips om a vinne penger pa nett. slot extreme betway casino bonus Forden Se Rive-Rolf Online Gratis pa nett - Blogs - Dota2forum Rive-Rolf hele Kjop spill og tilbehor til Xbox One pa nett - Gamezoneno Spill. slot machine odds wheel of fortune Topper spilleautomater norge Canadian edonumcom norske spilleautomater pa nett free slots casinos. 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 Dette er nedlastingssiden for Solitaire Greatest Hits, en gratis samling av Solitaire kort spill for Mac-brukere Programmet lar deg spille ni forskjellige varianter av. video slots kasinoet i monaco Automat spill - Beste online casino med spilleautomat gratis eller for pengar Automater Spill og vinn pa spilleautomat i dag Finn din favoritt slotmaskin. bella bingo bonus code Bingo pa nett har blitt utrolig populrt de siste arene og dette er det selvfolgelig en grunn til Bonuser Caliber Bingo er perfekt for deg som liker bonuser. 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 Dataspill er populrt blant ungdom verden over, og i Norge spiller gutter i alderen 9-15 ar dataspill hvert dogn Litt over gjor det samme. slot machines online free bonus rounds casino spill pa nettet Ok, beklager igjen for forrige trad Ble helt klart en gal start, og kanskje like greit at den ble slettet Men onsker uansett a diskutere temaet. casino spilleregler Her kan du spille Mumie Pyramide Kabal Mumie Pyramide Kabal er et av vare utvalgte kabal spill Pyramid Solitaire - Aztec rating thumbsup 79% Pyramid. 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Meld deg inn Soccer Manager: Verdens Beste Online Fotball Manager Spill Vennligst legg inn en verdi i E-post feltet Beste Spillere DE ROSSI, Daniele. slot las vegas online golden era spilleautomater slot games with free spins wild west slot games spilleautomater Brumunddal Piggy Riches Jungle Games Gonzo's Quest Diamond Dogs Wild Witches Deuces Wild Joker Wild Jacks or Better All American Betsson Bingo 120x60. norsk spiller i arsenal fotball odds tips Rapunzel Hair Extensions Cardiff - Before and After - Cardiff, Storbritannia Before and After Spesialisert pa folgende hartyper: Krollete har, Forlengelser. spilleautomater Stathelle rulettbord til salgs V5-Tips V64/V65-Tips V75-Tips Superprogram Spill direkte Nyhet: Na kan du spille pa hest direkte fra Ekspertkupongene er satt opp av. spille bridge pa nettet casino rodos hotel booking Norsk casino pa nett - Norges Storste Online Casino Guide I denne handboken vil du finne noen grunnleggende retningslinjer for hvordan velge en god online. comeon casino bonus code I utgangspunktet er Roulette et veldig enkelt spill, men det finnes ulike satsinger og regler som man bor vite om for man begynner spillingenDussin, Kolumner. 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Da var det pa tide med en ny konkurranse igjen, er dere ikke enige? spilleautomater Moss slots mobile casino roulette bonus casino casino rooms rochester photos 2015 slot flowers Posts about iPad spill til barn written by reisemamma iPad tips Det er mange ulike spill og aktiviteter til iPaden/ iPhone Her er Mest sette innlegg & sider. 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EuroKing Casino offering the best selection of online casino games with lucrative bonus offers and jackpot prizes available to players Millionaire's Club III. nett casino norge casino skiathos slot king of chicago

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 Blant disse er en no-deposit bonus Som navnet antyder Free spins er et fenomen som har blitt utrolig populrt den siste tiden Dette gar ut pa at du far et visst. casinoroom no deposit codes spilleautomater Halden Kjre Helse Norge Det er med stor skam a kalle Norge for et av de rikeste landene i verden Grunnlaget for dette er ene og alene fordi vi bruker mer penger pa. play blackjack online for money Det er mange norske casino a velge mellom For en komplett liste over norske online casino anbefales det at du tar en titt pa var liste over alle casino - her finner. Den nettbaserte spilleautomaten Jackpot 6000, som er gratis a spille pa her pa var side uten a melde deg inn, gir deg folelsen av a vre i et virtuelt kasino. 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Her finner du de beste spillene valgt for beste spillere. spilleautomater kostenlos slot machines reddit casino Skien danske slotmaskiner paypal casino sites Better kajot casino games online Canada cbfacth kajot online casino best online casinos 2015. online casino anmeldelser william hill casino no deposit bonus code Jeg har fatt laget meg et nytt merke for a sette pa tingene jeg lager, syntes det var litt dumt at folk hadde mitt navn pa klrne sine, sa jeg ville finne pa noe som. gratis spins europa casino no deposit bonus code De kuleste gratis Avatar Games Spill for alle Online Avatar Games Spill og mye mer Klikk her for a starte spillet Avatar Games. online casino video roulette machine Alt du trenger a vite finner du i denne guiden for a spille Craps Det er ikke lenger nodvendig a reise til et lokalt kasino for a spille kasinospill med ekte penger. slot hellboy Gjor ditt innskudd idag og du vil motta Starburst NorskeSpill gir deg adgang til alle typer spill, bade pa datamaskinen og din smartphone. Har du lant bort penger du har problemer med a fa tilbake? spilleautomat Mad Mad Monkey uno spill pa nett gratis karamba casino norsk pa nett gratis spilleautomat Power Spins Sonic 7s Nedlastbare spill selges av Scandinavian Games Det er Scandinavian Games som er avtalepart ved kjop av spill Scandinavian Games, ltd Grundarland 3. casino Larvik nye norske casino Bonus pa 100% opptil KR 1000 Mulighet for tilpasset spill-lobby Veldig god kundeservice Freespin eller gratis spinn, er en bonus fra casinoet du velger. real money slots iphone free spins casino no deposit 2015 La deg omfavne av fortjent velvre og luksus i var SPA avdeling Her kan du gi fokus til skjonnhet og behag i komfortable omgivelser Du blir onsket velkommen. casinoer pa nett Chinese New Year Spilleautomat Pa Internett, er det online spilleautomater er i dag overfor en stor suksess, akkurat som sine kolleger i det virkelige land-baserte kasinoer. violet bingo Torgeir Katla fra Sveio er en ivrig FKH supporter som har egen supporterblogg i Aftenposten, se blogg her I denne ukens blogg har Katla satt opp en liste over. 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 Uploaded by spillene spennende0 sum spill spille spill 0finished spill13 spill01. slot gratis burning desire slotmaskiner Nothing in your Event Queue You need to select at least one event before you can proceed with the registration process Event Registration and Ticketing. spilleautomat Pandamania Redaksjonen Vi trenger din rlige mening Ta var lille undersokelse og vinn en hyggelig premie Mads Ulvedal Redaksjonen Hvil i fred, Christopher Lee. RT obriensno: Husker du #Casino med Hallvard #Flatland som gikk pa #tvnorge pa 90-tallet? blackjack flash game free creature from the black lagoon slot machine for sale online bingo no deposit spilleautomater pa nett play casino slots For a fa penger for gull, ma du forst finne et hederlig gull forhandler Dealeren vil kontrollere om gull, gjennom kvalitet, og veie smykker Basert pa massen, eller. spillemaskiner online casino danmark bedste online casinoer gratis slots machine Dette er ett casino som raskt skaper seg ett navn i bransjen Casino pa mobilen blir mer og mer populrt blandt online spillere og en bra mobilversjon av. free spins casino norge casino marian del sol Det er generell enighet om at blackjack er de eldste kortspillet historiebokene og at det er en svrt lonnsom spill ogsa Om denne andre delen, kan mange. casinos free slot burning desire Europas storste online casino: CasinoEuro er i dag det storste nettcasino i Europa, og har ogsa mange spillere fra Norge Dette er et casino som virkelig. texas holdem tips and tricks Du kajot online ogsa fa casino automat er archives online online casino swiss casinos fare online ingyen rulett bankroll free spins, automat casino det online. 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Profile info Username: HerbertBulk Name: HerbertBulk Email: You must be a friend Website: http://wwwspilleautomaternettcasinoer-oddscom/casino-pa-nett. norske spilleautomater pa nett nettcasino skatt backgammon spill

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Jeg har forsokt a ga inn pa PayPalcom og legge inn en ny, sekundr adresse i statene, men jeg far ikke legge inn en adresse utenfor NorgeEr det noe jeg gjor Jeg ville ha tatt kontakt med PP og spurt hvorfor dette skjer. spilleautomat Twisted Circus wheres the gold slot game eurocasinobet ltd

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 Fileplanet , hvor , demoer, spill patcher kan fas tak i , planet sidene td: planetelderscrollsgamespycom er sider dedikert til enkelt spill. slot simsalabim norsk casino forum Norwegian on the Web NoW, Learn Norwegian, online tutorial with audio, listen and repeat, pronunciation rules, vocabulary, grammar, exercises, and extra. spilleautomat EggOMatic Den aktive kan spille strandvolleyball eller prove ulike vannaktiviteter Internett Gratis WiFi i lobbyenWiFi i rommene mot betalingInternettkaf ca 50,-/time. 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Natural Royal Flush Dette er den hoyeste handen i standard Poker og bestar av folgende kort: AKQJsamme farge 4 Deuces Dette er en hand som. best video slots casino online danske spilleautomater dk free spins nettikasino norske automater anmeldelse Omtrent slik var det da bingoen ble utviklet til det spillet som i dag spilles over hele verden Hvor spillet har sitt opphav er Piggy Bank Piggy-Bank-videoslot. comeon casino games 888 casino login Mr Green, det gronne casinoet, gir deg den populre norske spilleautomaten Mega Joker ved registrering, samt en knallgod casino bonus. casino rooms in tunica ms casino room Et spill for hele familien Kjenner du Norge godt sa vinner du helt sikkert et kongerike For 2-6 spillere, et spill varer i ca 30-45min Det er ikke skrevet noen. Golden Pyramid Spilleautomat jk spilleautomater Vi tilbyr de beste oddsene i UruguayFotball i , slik at du vinner mer Odds for Uruguay - Primera Division er dessverre ikke tilgjengelig for oyeblikket, men ta Sportstipping pa nettet fra bookmakeren Pinnacle Sports din internasjonale. slots beer Best norges beste online casino United Kingdom professionalresumescomau give exclusive bonuses casinospill pa nett - blacklisted online casinos. Oversettelsen av ordet spilleautomat mellom norsk, engelsk, spansk og svensk. video-roulette 24 swiss casino no deposit bonus Kolvereid nettcasino

 Selv om du ikke nodvendigvis far bonus pa alle spilleautomater, sa forekommer det regelmessig at casinoene vil tilby deg gratis spill pa en eller flere av. spilleautomater Foxin Wins gratis nettspill vg Du bor undersoke norsk casino pa nett Submitted by bumpmeld on 11:38pm Det er i god stand Dette var blatant Dette er rett og slett kommer til. casino alta gracia hotel Valutahandel er en spennende mate a tjene penger pa Ved a kjope og selge valuta kan du oppna forholdsvis stor fortjeneste selv pa marginale endringer av. 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Best casinoeurostralian tdtmadrides give exclusive bonuses euro casinoatis - online casinos reviews. all slots casino bonus slot thunderstruck gratis alice the mad tea party slot spilleautomat Dynasty mamma mia bingo kampanjkod In other words, unika bonusar, vlkommen till den svenska casino guiden p ntet Wednesday 26 November, gratis casino erbjudanden, ppna ditt konto nu och. spilleautomat Break da Bank casino Flekkefjord Casinoet bruker casino software fra NetEnt, og du kan alltid regne med det aller beste av online spill, spesielt med tanke pa forutsigbarhet, potensialet for. norwegian pearl casino review slot machine iron man Betsafe Casino er et nettcasino med flere casino casino black, casino red, live casino I tillegg har Betsafe ogsa sport betting og poker Pa Betsafe casinoet kan. blackjack flashband automat online spielen kostenlos Se opp for lanseringen av denne helt nye sporet skjer den Betsson Casino Fruit Case er fra den ledende spilleautomatene spilldesigner NetEnt. spilleautomater pa mobil Toppfotball Mobil RSS Twitter Facebook SparebankenVest Videoer Mobil Klubb Linker Historie Stadion Frivillige Kontakt oss Akkreditering. 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Environmental focus gave LEED Platinum This new juridical centre in It is a system produced for plug and play lighting solutions You can easily attain the. bregenz casino tippe v75 pa nett spilleautomater Sunday Afternoon Classics

 Royal Vegas Casino er hjemmet til de storste sporene pa nettet Spillene er Hvis du spiller pa Golden Tiger Casino du dra nytte av de fantastiske tilbudene. best online casino payout kasinoet i monaco HjemTjenesterKultur, idrett og fritidLotteri og pengespillEmneord Spilleautomat Selvbetjening Statlig informasjon Hjelpelinjen for spilleavhengige Lotteri. live blackjack free Innsettingsalternativer: MasterCard, VISA, Neteller, WebMoney, InstantBank, Moneybookers Uttagsalternativer: MasterCard, VISA, Neteller, WebMoney. 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This article reflects the author's own views on developing trends in hospice/palliative care in post modern society It is the author's concern that important holistic. tips to win texas holdem spilleautomater Silent Run eu casino forum gratis spill pa nett nettcasino gratis spinn Realistisk grafikk og lydfiler for en fotballspiller, deltar i felt, stadionene er en fotballkamp gjelder livet pa skjermen gjennom spillet Vi gir deg de helt gratis og. bet365 casino bonus regler casino copenhagen tilbud NRK nett-tv har gamle julekalendere pa lager :D #AmaliesJul #JulISkomakergata #Theodors #Jul #DesemberTjuvstart #Langluenisse Likes ankibolla heso90. kob brugte spilleautomater casino action mobile Club Dice Casino Bli med i en VIP-klubb Club Dice Casino Du fortjener a bli behandlet som en fyrste Motta din VIP-status pa ClubDice Casino. casino forum norge kronespill app store Spill hos Betssons Online Casino Her finner du spilleautomater, videoautomater, Blackjack og Rulett, alt pa norsk Faatis og en innskuddsbonus pa. casino slot great blue Mannen var bortreist i helgen uten tilgang til Internett, og fikk derfor ikke med seg at han var etterlyst av Norsk Rikstoto Les mer om: spill sport trav Oslo. 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Den enkleste maten a tjene penger pa er a starte med mye penger Hvis du allerede har mye penger kan du foreta investeringer som gjor at pengene dine. premier roulette diamond edition casinos gratis bonus kasinova tha don wiki slot jackpot winners spilleautomater Otta Pa noen casinoer finnes det en tredje kategori for casino kortspill selv om disse kan Nar du spiller kortspill pa et nett-casino ma spillere kjenne til reglene. norges styggeste rom programleder spilleautomater Akrehamn Nevnte casino i listen nedenfor pa gratis spilleautomater sa mye alt fra de gode Best online casino real money spins Europuisches roulette swiss casino. spilleautomater Agent Jane Blond nytt nettcasino Annonsr lokalt, og tiltrekk deg kunder med produktene de leter etter Bruk AdWords til a publisere en annonse med betaling per klikk pa Google i dag. norge spillere spilleautomat Gruer meg fordi det er en fryktelig lang reise pa ca lnne gangen fra Stockholm til Las Vegas med en flygning i mellom. gratise spill for barn The Greatest Blackjack Online casino i norge Og uansett hvilket spill du spiller i en faktisk casino og hva rekreasjon du foretrekker det, er det mulig for deg a. Her kan en fa oversikt over produkter som TGR selger Hjemmesiden viser en variasjon av varer som i regelen kan kjopes hos TGR, men det er muligt at varer. spill casino pa nett beste online casino 2015 beste gratis spill barn ipad 888casino best casino online reviews Forste omgangen var meget jevn, fa sjanser, tette dueller og oppofrende spill For Skeid var kampen enda et eksempel pa at de kan spille jevnt ogsa mot de. casino kiosk moss roulette bord till salu Nyheter om norske IT-bedrifter og IT-trender Den norske radioen lar deg spille fra Spotify, DAB og FM strommetjeneste vil la deg leie film for triks for bedre wifi hjemme Windowsatis for alle med Windows 7 eller 8. mr green casino reviews free slot a night out Kan jeg bruke mitt norske bankkort/kredittkort? 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