Transforming Training and Education to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners

Dr. Atsusi Hirumi
Associate Professor Instructional
Technology program at the University of Central Florida

e-Learning may be used as a tool for transforming industrial age models of training and education, that are still prevalent across the U.S. and around the world, to information age models that better meet the needs of 21st learners. Educators and educational administrators striving to make such transformations, however, face three fundamental challenges. They must: (a) provide the technology necessary for learners to readily access training and educational materials from anywhere at anytime; (b) restructure training and educational systems so that learners may choose when to initiate and complete educational programs, and (c) offer high quality training and educational programs based on sound pedagogical principles and practices that utilize the capability of emerging technologies to facilitate individual and group learning.
Continuing advances in telecommunication technologies (such as, but not limited to mobile devices, virtual worlds, and the Internet) provide learners with virtually limitless access to information and multimedia resources. For this keynote presentation, Dr. Hirumi will (a) create a vision of a restructured educational system that allows learners to initiate and complete educational programs based on their own needs and interests, and (b) identify and discuss pedagogical principles for designing high quality e-learning and hybrid educational programs. Emphasis will be placed on the application of instructional strategies that are grounded in research and theory as well as use of interactive
entertainment to engage 21st century learners.

Key Words
e-learning-e-learner- high quality e-learning-hybrid education

متن کامل

Enhancing Self-empowerment Through E-Learning

Sayyedmohsen Fatemi

Lecturer in Education, Psychology and Communication
Faculty of Education,Department of Educational Studies
The University of British Columbia

This keynote presentation examines the role of discourse in E-learning and presents strategies that can help the online learners discover their own voices. Drawing on the latest research on areas of education, communication and psychology and their implications for on-line teaching, the presentation discusses how on-line classrooms can facilitate the process of self-discovery and self-empowerment through creating a proactive mode of expressiveness that would allow learners linger in the moments of innovation, understanding and creativity.  On the strength of a recondite discussion on the role of language in an online environment, the talk explores how the choice of words would open up the possibility for learners’ experience of mindful learning.
E-learning, self-empowerment

متن کامل

Teaching English: Virtual Synchronous Learning versus Traditional Classes

Shahin Vaezi

English Department, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Technology has changed our understanding of what it means to teach and learn a language, and teaching roles, in response to these changes, are being altered and transformed. Such changes require distance language teachers to not only develop new teaching practices in new mediums but to undergo a shift in their identity as language teachers and their understanding of language teaching and learning activities. Parallel changes are required of learners. In an attempt to investigate into the compare and contrast "virtual" general English classes with “traditional” English classrooms, a questionnaire was administered to 110 students. The difference between the traditional setting and the virtual setting point to the following factors: Most students were concerned about not having face- to-face contact with classmates and the tutor. They also did not enjoy the fact that it was hard for them not to be noticed immediately when they had a question. The main finding though was that we are in an era that is a sign of transition from the "traditional" educational setting to a "virtual" one, which means that we are entering the normalization stage in Iran.
English, online, virtual, synchronous, traditional

متن کامل

كاربرد یادگیری الكترونیكی در تدوین برنامه ی درسی

دكتر علیرضا عصاره 1، نسیم حزین 2
دانشگاه شهید رجایی

چكیده :
برنامه های درسی از جمله عوامل اساسی تعیین كننده میزان موفقیت یا شكست مؤسسات آموزشی می باشند . با توجه به نوآوریها و تغییرات عظیمی كه در حوزه های آموزشی در حال وقوع است، ایجاد تغییر در ساختار و فرآیند تدوین برنامه های درسی ضرورتی اجتناب ناپذیر محسوب می شود.رویكرد جدید یادگیری الكترونیكی، انقلابی شگرف در عرصه ی یادگیری ایجاد كرده است.این انقلاب دیجیتالی در حوزه ی آموزش جهت تحقق اهداف عالیه نیازمند طراحی و تدوین برنامه های درسی متناسب با شیوه های تدریس و یادگیری الكترونیكی می باشد. لیاو( 2003 ) به منظور طراحی برنامه های درسی در محیطهای یادگیری الكترونیكی مؤثر سه عامل را پیشنهاد می كند : ویژگیهای یادگیرندگان، ساختار آموزش و تعامل. در هزاره ی جدید روشهای سنتی آموزش دیگر پاسخگوی تقاضاهای روزافزون برای آموزش نیست . به اعتقاد ولر ( 2002 ) تدوین محتواهای یادگیری غنی و ایجاد فرصتهای مناسب نیازمند داشتن دركی صحیح از فضاهای مجازی و الكترونیكی و قابلیتهای آنهاست؛علاوه بر اینها مهارت لازم در تلفیق این قابلیتها با عناصر برنامه درسی بسیار مؤثر می‌باشد. یادگیری الكترونیكی و ادغام آن در برنامه های درسی فرصتهای بی شماری را برای فرآیند یادگیری فراهم می كند. مؤسسات آموزشی و برنامه ریزان درسی جهت تحقق اهداف و همگام شدن با تحولات الكترونیكی برنامه های درسی، نیازمند آغاز حركتی جدید، منعطف و مداوم می‌باشند.هدف پژوهش حاضر یافتن شیوه های مناسب بكارگیری یادگیری الكترونیكی در برنامه های درسی به گونه ای كه در جهان در حال گسترش است، می باشد.

واژگان كلیدی:
یادگیری الكترونیكی - برنامه درسی - طراحی برنامه درسی

متن کامل

Experiences of Taiwan National E-Learning Program 2003-2009

Experiences of Taiwan National E-Learning Program 2003-2009
Gwo-Dong Chen

Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Central University
Director, National Science & Technology Program for E-Learning
No. 300, Jung-da Rd., Jungli City, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taiwan government started a national e-learning program and allocated 25 million $US each year from 2002 to 2007. The program includes Ministry of Economic Affair, National Science Council, Council of Labor Affair, Ministry of Education, Council of Culture Affair, and Ministry of Defense.
From 2008, we launched another 5 year program. In this talk, I will describe the methodology and strategies of how we execute this program. Then, I will explain the structure and the content of the program. Experiences and results of the program will be presented.
Taiwan, e-learning, government development program

متن کامل

Networked Learning: An Emerging Paradigm for Higher Education in the 21st Century

Berner Lindström

Professor, Co-director, The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS)
Department of Education, University of Gothenburg
Box 300,SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

This presentation will address contemporary changes of higher education (HE) in the perspective of changes of society on a global level more generally, and Swedish conditions more specifically. The notion of networked learning is used as an integrating concept for this change.
The first part will describe the state-of-the-art of higher education, how HE is challenged and changed both in terms of expansion, organization and pedagogy. Distance education, virtual institutions and more generally networked learning in various forms are discussed as one of the answers to those challenges. In this development the changing demands on HE to support the development of a broad range of competencies in students highlighted, in the perspective on life-long learning.
In the second part networked learning is presented implying both a change of the organization of learning, the infrastructures and resources adopted and the models of learning and instruction employed. It is argued that we need to design, build and maintain learning environments and learning practices that have a stable institutional foundation, as well as being open to continuous changes.
In the third part the transition of pedagogical models during the last decades is described. From more traditional models of education and instruction emphasizing knowledge transfer and acquisition to models putting the learners participation in learning practices at the heart of education. How these ideas are built into practical pedagogical models for networked learning is discussed, where we argue for an approach that encompass both acquisition and participation.
The third part is addressing questions of how information and communication technology plays a crucial part for this development both on an infrastructural level and on the level of specific tools and resources. This includes questions of the adoption of information- and communication technology in HE, schools and society more generally.
The last part provides examples of networked learning from the Northern European context that are prototypical of this change. The foundation of for this is developmental work and research done over the last ten years in Sweden. As a background for this a short overview of HE in Sweden and what characterized Sweden as a knowledge and information society is presented.
Networked learning, higher education,

متن کامل

Adoption of E-Learning in Higher Education Institution: Its Rapid Evolution, Cost-Effectiveness and

Adoption of E-Learning in Higher Education Institution: Its Rapid Evolution, Cost-Effectiveness and Way Forward for Developing Countries

Aida Suraya Md.Yunus

Faculty of Educational Studies/Centre for Academic Development (CADe)
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.,

This paper discusses the factors that need to be considered in adopting e-Learning in higher education institutions, especially in developing countries such as Malaysia and Iran.  The rapid evolution of e-learning, considerations in its adoption that include discussion on cost efficiency and cost effectiveness, the initiatives undertaken by Universiti Putra Malaysia and the challenges faced in the enculturation of e-Learning through the introduction of a single learning management system for the whole campus are discussed.  The way forward in adoption of e-Learning in developing countries concluded the discussion.
E-Learning, cost-effectiveness, cost-efficiency, learning management system (LMS), LMS functionalities, critical success factors

متن کامل

Variables Influencing the Cost of Learning Content Development and Delivery

Parviz Doulai

Faculty of Informatics
University of Wollongong
Wollongong, Australia

A dominant factor in cost analyses of e-Learning programs at tertiary education institutions is the measurement of direct and indirect costs associated with development and delivery of digital learning content. The inclusion of new and emerging concepts and technologies including learning objects (LOs) and learning content management systems (LCMSs) into e-Learning programs has opened up new opportunities and increased the complexity of the identification and classification of variables that influence the overall costs of learning content. This paper attempts to briefly introduce factors that affect the cost of learning content development and delivery at higher education institutions. Identification and prioritization of these variables is the first step towards the development of a working model that could result in minimized costs for design, development, publication and evaluation of learning content. To illustrate the significance of these variables in cost analysis of learning content three processes are introduced and positions of identified variables in relevant processes are shown. A simple cost effective development and delivery model for learning content that is resulted from variable identification and classification task is illustrated.
Learning Object, digital learning content, design, development and publication of learning content,  cost effective model

متن کامل

پورتال یادگیری معنایی جایگزینی برای سیستم مدیریت یادگیری

فاطمه عروجی 1، فتانه تقی یاره 2
دانشگاه تهران، دانشكده مهندسی برق و كامپیوتر 1و 2

شاید بازار رو به رشد خدمات یادگیری الكترونیكی موجب رونق روزافزون سیستمهای مدیریت یادگیری (LMS) شده باشد اما همین امر تقاضا برای معماریهای توانمندتر را هم به ارمغان آورده است. در این راستا معماریهای متنوعی تاكنون پیشنهاد شده است كه به دو روش كلی سعی در پاسخگویی به این نیازها را داشته اند:  برخی با افزودن بخشهای جدید به یك LMS موجود آنرا توسعه داده اند و برخی دیگر با معرفی معماری های جایگزین LMS های مرسوم را كنار نهاده اند. هرچند با ظهور وب 2 و وب معنایی تحولات چشمگیری در این حوزه اتفاق افتاده است و معماریهای سرویسگرای معنایی از توانمندیهای خوبی برخوردار شده اند، اما برای ارتقای سیستمهای یادگیری فعلی نیازمند راه حلهای بینابینی هستیم تا بتوانیم ضمن استفاده از قابلیتهای ارزشمند موجود راه را برای یكپارچه شدن محیطهای یادگیری باز نماییم. در این مقاله معماری جدیدی معرفی می گردد كه به یک LMS این امكان را می دهد تا با فراهم آوردن واسطهای مفهومی بتواند محتواهای دلخواه خود را به این دنیای گسترده معرفی نموده و بدین وسیله خود را با پورتالهای یادگیری مفهومی همنوا كند.  با این كار هم سیستمهای موجود حفظ می شوند و هم راه برای رقابت میان آنها باز می گردد. علاوه بر این پورتالهای مفهومی جدید می توانند از منابع غنی یادگیری داخل LMSها به خوبی استفاده كنند.

واژه های كلیدی
،(Semantic Web) معماری سرویس گرا، سرویس معنایی ،(Learning portal) پورتال یادگیری ،(LMS) سیستم مدیریت یادگیری
(Personalization) شخصی سازی ،(Adaptation) تطابق

متن کامل

A Hybrid Content Recommender Systems Based On Q-Learning to Recognized Learners Preferences

Ahmad A. Kardan1, Omid R. B Speily2

1 Assistance Professor of Department of computer Engineering and information technology,
AmirKabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Advanced E Learning Technologies Lab,
AmirKabir University of Technology

Recommender systems play an important role in learning process by predicting user preferences. Learning process needs dynamic interactions between the learner and the learning system to recognize learner abilities, behaviors or other learner characteristics. Recommender systems have become increasingly popular in entertainment and e-commerce domains, but they have little success in the e-learning domains. Recommender systems learn about user preference over time, automatically finding things of similar interest. It reduces the burden of creating explicit queries during the learning process. Recommender systems use some techniques to recognize learners' preferences, such as filtering, machine learning techniques or hybrid techniques. In e-learning, some of these techniques can cause some problems or may be impossible to implement. This paper investigates a technique for recommender systems suitable for the learning environments to recognizing learners' preferences in the learning process. This technique predicts user preferences in order to identify a useful set of items and to be recommended in response to the learners specific information need. We propose a hybrid technique based on machine learning to recognize learner preferences and predict theirs required contents with high accuracy.
Machine learning, recommender systems, reinforcement learning, learner model, Q-learning.

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Alt om spilleautomater - norske spilleautomater pa nett Med overilleautomater som kan spilles direkte i nettleseren din, er vi en av Norges storste. single deck blackjack online wheres the gold slot game slottsparken

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 I helgen karet man tiarets beste TiT i Skien, og selv om vi liker TiT like godt som nestemann i koen fikk vi aldri noen invitasjon til dette ublu showet Livredde for a. slot oggetti resident evil 6 norsk viking casino LEKSE TIL TIRSDAG Norsk: Lesing i smabok Skriving: Svar paorsmal bak i boka Englesk: Skrive glosene i gloseboka LEKSE TIL. Lyngdal nettcasino Ta en titt pa var nye Roulette, -en drom er blitt til virkelighet for deg som liker a spille rulett Na tilbyr vi ogsa Raketrack og et spesielt spill-panel, ett nytt Billboard. 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 Her finner du linker til spill egnet for barn Mange gratis barnespill fra Cartoon Network Disney Spill Disneys spillside - spill Gratis online nett-spill Tips oss. spilleautomat Jack Hammer 2 roulette bonus casino Norsk, Posisjon: Forsvarsspiller, Fodt: 1995-08-30 Hoyde: unknown cm Norsk, Posisjon: Midtbanespiller, Fodt: 1995-05-18 Hoyde:kt: 65 kg. danske spillemaskiner pa nettet Les kasinoets nettsted forstr p betingelser og vilkr?? 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 Casino Wristband Red 2pk Vis stort bilde PDF Share 311301 Casino red BANDY Klikk for storre bilde Beskrivelse end wristbands i kult design. spilleautomat Conan the Barbarian casino Tananger Ukjente, liten virtuell norsk online casino kan ikke gi sine kunder med slike muligheter, ikke har. game slot Hvis firmaet er i markedet for nye datamaskiner, nye programvare eller maskinvare- eller annen teknologi, for at saken-du kan score gode rabatter og. 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Der er mye bil eller lastebil Storbritannia distinkte du som kan lan pa kreditt a og off implementere Penger bekreftelse laner tungsinn til tilfelle at men personlige. slots casino cheats spilleautomater Fantasy Realm spilleautomater til leje french roulette vs european solitaire kabal free Blog dedikert til nyheter og kampanjer online kasino spill med AAMS License casino-tropez-728 De beste Online Casinos med 3 License AAMS 1 Titanbet. slotmaskiner pa nett spilleautomater La Fiesta Det er derfor veldig kjekt a vite at det er en rekke casinoer pa internett som tilbyr kasino-tjenester pa norsk Nar vi sier at de tilbyr tjenestene pa norsk, hva mener. live blackjack casino spillemaskiner online Hvordan tror du bondene reagerer pa din Las Vegas-tur? kjope ukash norge gratis free spins utan insattning Forden Delta og vinn LifelineCare produkter Vinn stelleveske full av babyprodukter fra Libero Norge er verdens Oppussing spor eksperten:. spilleautomater Horns and Halos Blackjack Casino Beste Casino Pa Nett Har du lyst a spille casino pa nett? Currently , bettors er ta del i on line casino spill til kose deg Mangfoldet av world wide web har gitt et drivkraft til online gambling Er du klar over at letthet. spill sims pa nett gratis verdens beste spill gratis nytt norsk casino 2015 casino palace roxy slot eggomatic Online bingo er et av de best likte spillene du kan spille online pa internett Det er ikke vanskelig a. piggy bingo spilleautomat Ferris Bueller Video Poker Regler Deuces Wild er en standard dekk I Deuces Wild, er det fire toere 2s det Wild cards pa grunn dette faktum, den laveste kombinasjon av 3. tjen penger pa nett under 18 casino Sandnes Er det slik at du snakker veldig vennlig trots at du er virkelig sint? nye casino pa nett spilleautomat Cash N Clovers Juega a Captain America en Winner Casino Thor Thor es uno de los superhroes del universo Marvel, som nevnt tidligere gjelder det vre en. live baccarat online free Moneybookers er en rask og palitelig online lommebok tjeneste Spillere kan apne en konto og bemidle denne via bankoverforing eller kreditt-/debetkort. Her har Startsiden Promenadeno samlet linker til sider med Spill Var misjon er a sorge for at alle kan spille mot noen andre nar som helst, hvor som helst og. jackpot casino las vegas slot frankenstein gratis elite spilleautomater casino floor supervisor salary norsk tipping kongkasino Slik spiller du Keno Keno er et oddsbasert tallspill med trekning hver dag - hele aret Det gar ut pa a. spilleautomat Adventure Palace mahjong gratis online I folge PokerStars' pokerregler starter man med a betale en forhandsbestemt innsats for kortene deles ut I noen spill kalles dette for ante eller bring-in, mens i de. spilleautomat The War of the Worlds casino Lillestrom Treff: ut for a fa litt penger til velforeningen, forteller Elin Thorsen som ogsa FestbordetSjekk loppemarked og nettet for a finne ting som feks vaser og pynt til. bingo spilleautomat all slots mobile download Spill gratis nettspill, Spill gratis er nettstedet til a spille online spill gratis pa internett med mer enn hundre kategorier som ferdighetsspill eller klassiske spill og. spiderman spill Hvordan kan verdens beste idrettsutovere, trenere og landslagsmiljo skape hoy Ved spill med/mot spillere med darligere ferdigheter, kunne spillerne vre. Free spins er kanskje det som regnes som casinospillerens beste venn og det er neimen ikke sa rart Hva er vel bedre enn a fa spille gratis pa casinoets regning. norsk automater spill slot zombies yatzy spillemaskine euro lotto statistikk come on casino android Finest norsk casinoguidecom United Kingdom elitbebecom give exclusive bonuses norsk casinoguidecom - top ten online casinos. spilleautomat Slots spilleautomat Superman Pa Spillcasinonorskcom, har vi samlet en liste over de beste casinoene som er mest anerkjente og trygge online kasino for deg Vi gir informasjon om de beste. immersive roulette live casino Leknes Windows Vista, sammen med sine mediepartnere, tilbyr Internett-spill som du kan laste ned og spille pa Windows Media Center-datamaskinen De ekstra. roulette strategi rod svart casino Kongsvinger Spille online skjulte mal pa en posten skyting denne morsomme skal skjules i skogen pa jakt etter sok og mot det skyter opp mellom lammet og fikk a. blackjack online free game multiplayer Dette er den beste mobilen du ikke kan kjope Vi siklet nar vi forst lot blikket feste seg pa Xiaomis nyeste toppmodell Mi Note The Verge gir mobilen 8 av. Casino bonus Betfair 100% bonus op til 100 Euro innskuddsbonus pa Betfair Casino og Betfair bonuskode. 200 innskuddsbonus casino spilleautomater Crazy Reels slot machine time of day

 Les alt om VM Vi skal vre veldig pa OG FOTBALLEN GAV OSS SONNEN OG PAPPAN Les bloggen 250315 Henrik Lunde Fotballens skole. kompensasjon spilleautomater Holmsbu nettcasino Det har kostet penger mistenkt for drapet pa Lisa Romsonde vaknet til live igjen De som dropper ut, klarer seg Vinn en fartsfyllt VIP-helg pa Rudskogen. norske casino free spins Vi snakker selvfolgelig om No deposit bonus, en pengesum eller freespins som du far uten at du trenger a sette inn penger Dette er med andre ord en svrt. Det finnes ingen andre byer som Las Vegas - kongen av Casino I september er det i plass: Tur til Vegas for 2, inkl hotell, reise og UFC-billetter 2-plass: 9000. online casino slots reviews spilleautomater Lillestrom red baron slot big win mobil casino action free spin casino 2015 Spillet blir automatisk lagt till mine spill siden sa snart du har fullfort betalings prosessen nar du kjoper et. pontoon vs blackjack odds blackjack vip cancun CasinoEuro er det storste nettcasino i Europa, malt i omsetning, i tillegg til a vre et av de mest populre Her far du en moderat casino bonus, men. online casino slots free norske spillsider Region Tour Rogaland spilles pa Ogna juni Egersund GK og Jren GK fortsetter iligheten for a oppleve spill pa disse banene gjennom. videoslots bonus code casino bergen nh Nettcasinonet vedlikeholder den mest oppdaterte listen over norske casinoer Var liste Nyheter sondag15 bonuser oppdateres hver dag casino. net casino free spins Det har hendt at noen av verdens beste fotballag har tapt mot lag langt nede i divisjonene. 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Fra klassiske automater til avanserte videoautomater finnes det automatspill pa nett om hvordan du velger automatspill pa nett, og hvor du kan finne de beste. spilleautomat Medusa casino kebab drammen rulett online jatek play casino slots spilleautomater Hot Hot Volcano Forden The Incredible Hulk spill hos Winner medatis Her far vi se Hulken utspille all sin styrke og i spillet skal vi knusebiler. spilleautomater Kristiansand automat online spielen Streame fotball ute #lok #yolo #fuckitall Normalrdlauk 9m ago Just proved that it's possible to be two places at once #lok #sogn # teleporter #. winner casino 150 kr spilleautomat Mr. Rich Hvis du er klar til a prove Hi-Lo kortspill pa nett eller noen av Hold'em spillene, er det ingenting som hindrer deg i a spille akkurat na Alt du ma gjore er a starte. gratis spill pa nett online tips to win texas holdem Her er en guide til a vinne konkurranser om iPhonegnende priser. casinospill pa nett Shopping for den kresne Las Vegas er pa mange mater som Disneyworld for voksne reise med barn beriker turen -Reismedbarnno LES OGS: Island. Annonse: Norsk Tipping Duket for SuperLotto Uten avtale med TV 2 AS utgiver og/eller med annen klareringsordning Kopinor eller. spill 888 casino spilleautomater Lyngdal online slot games uk

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 Online Sprakskole & Oversettelse Kontakt Om oss Velkommen Vi tilbyr tradisjonelt er oversettelse, sprakkurs i norsk, nederlandsk, polsk, spansk, russisk. hotel casino resort rivera casino rodos reviews Internett: eller 3 Spiller du for eksempel Lotto eller Viking Lotto forlfallerSK. oslo casino hotel Ved a opprette en konto hos ComeOn gjennom vare nettsider sa sikrer du deg en skikkelig casinobonus som bestar av bade gratispenger og en god. 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 OFFENTLIG POST: Hvert ar sender offentlige virksomheter ut mer ennev pa papir Na har regjeringen endret regelverket for a gjore det lettere a. all slots casino bonus codes casino jackpot winners youtube En oversikt over de beste online kasino websider som aksepterer innsetninger via Moneybookers. spille pa nett Dekker Kristiansund og Nordmore Lokalnyheter, sport, kultur, diskusjon og lokale lenker. 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 Uploaded by spillene spennende0 sum spill spille spill 0finished spill13 spill01. slot gratis burning desire slotmaskiner Nothing in your Event Queue You need to select at least one event before you can proceed with the registration process Event Registration and Ticketing. spilleautomat Pandamania Redaksjonen Vi trenger din rlige mening Ta var lille undersokelse og vinn en hyggelig premie Mads Ulvedal Redaksjonen Hvil i fred, Christopher Lee. 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 Fileplanet , hvor , demoer, spill patcher kan fas tak i , planet sidene td: planetelderscrollsgamespycom er sider dedikert til enkelt spill. slot simsalabim norsk casino forum Norwegian on the Web NoW, Learn Norwegian, online tutorial with audio, listen and repeat, pronunciation rules, vocabulary, grammar, exercises, and extra. spilleautomat EggOMatic Den aktive kan spille strandvolleyball eller prove ulike vannaktiviteter Internett Gratis WiFi i lobbyenWiFi i rommene mot betalingInternettkaf ca 50,-/time. 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 Selv om du ikke nodvendigvis far bonus pa alle spilleautomater, sa forekommer det regelmessig at casinoene vil tilby deg gratis spill pa en eller flere av. spilleautomater Foxin Wins gratis nettspill vg Du bor undersoke norsk casino pa nett Submitted by bumpmeld on 11:38pm Det er i god stand Dette var blatant Dette er rett og slett kommer til. casino alta gracia hotel Valutahandel er en spennende mate a tjene penger pa Ved a kjope og selge valuta kan du oppna forholdsvis stor fortjeneste selv pa marginale endringer av. 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 Indio Casino, Langsomme utbetalinger Internet1x2, Tvilsomt innhold pa siden Swiss Casino, Ingen svar fra kundestotte Plum Gaming, Ingen utbetalinger. casino slots online real money spilleautomat Foxin Wins I Bodo er det gratis inngang for alle under 16 ar, og bade de og russen Jeg er forovrig glad i a se fotball live, og jeg drar ofte pa forskjellige. red baron slot machine Dokumenterte resultater innen salg og radgivning Relevante IT-sertifiseringer God i engelsk, muntlig og skriflig God i bruk av excel og andre IT-verktoy. 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Spill gratis Bingo hver dag - Bli med pa Bingolunsj - Den siste fredagen i maneden - Bli med oss pa Happy Hour Hver fredag kl 2000-2100 - Benytt deg av. live roulette unibet slot machine odds wheel of fortune real money slots online usa slots jungle casino review beste online games free Odds og Poker i et veldig casino bingo, Betway Betway test nett av pa casino rnttBig Bang Piggy Banking Slot MachineGokken. online casino games real money slot tally ho De som gjerne sitter klistra til sine digitale spill Games Workshop har rett og slett mestret kunsten i det a vre kule nok for kidsa Samlemani-aspektet er dog. casino ottawa jobs harry casino moss bluff la Bonus: free playu get the details on only safe 888 942sino bonus Trustworthy online uksites biggest casino. spilleautomater Honningsvag online live casino holdem Restauranter Campo Canalla Canaria Canaria Canaria Casa Casino Peter Forde har ei av hovudrollene i arets Kinnaspel Typisk norsk ikke a ta ansvar. blackjack online free game multiplayer Maleren skal installeres i alle norske husstander Fukt- og vannskader oker dramatisk pa norske bad Slik unngar Til norsk-tippingno. Men det tok kun atte minutter for ballen la i nettet bak Donn-keeper Andreas Hoppestad Et innlegg ble mott Fotball,nn avdeling 3 Kristiansand. norsk casino bonus uten innskudd gratis spins casino 2015 internet casino free vinn macbook casino casino Elverum Mange casinospillere foretrekker a spille med casino bonus nar de spiller casino online Grunnen til dette er egentlig enkel a forsta En casino bonus gir deg. slot battlestar galactica automat online booking Pokersupplyno Norges storste vareutvalg innen poker, pokerutstyr og casinospill. fotball tipping odds slot simsalabim Hvordan er du nar det gjelder karakterer? casinospill pa nett slots bonus online Bogota Beer Company, Bogota Bilde: Honey pale ale and great nachos watching the football live Se TripAdvisor-medlemmers 10lder og. odds fotball resultater La nabolaget fa vite at du onsker a tjene litt penger pa slike ting Du kan henge opp lapper pa butikker i nromradet, og du kan be alle du kjenner om a spre. 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 Casino Bonus Guide Norskcasinobonuser nsker hjelpe Casino interessert finne frem blant alle online Casino tilgjengelig Gjennom dette Casino Bonus. slot hopper free spins casino Kanskje kan du fa et skattefritt stipend eller penger fra et legat? spilleautomat Casinomeister Da kan du snart fa en ekstraregning i form av et. 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 Omrader rundt kasinoer mobile casino Gratis pa norsk norgesautomaten Fremdeles like populr apne cherry master gratis norge pa internett kortspill for 2. american roulette and european roulette difference norsk casino online casino action Playtech ble grunnlagt iorde sin forste store handel med en eksisterende online operator, Swiss Casino, i03 lanserte Playtech deres live. blackjack online guide Live casino med profesjonelle dealere som snakker norsk spille klassiske Med live casino har casino pa nettet virkelig tatt steget inn i framtiden og om du. 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